Synthetic Teak


The most advanced synthetic teak on the market.

PlasDECK synthetic teak is the ideal option if you want to have the best for your boat. This type of cover can be installed for any type of boat. An ideal product that has multiple qualities and advantages over natural teak.



All the advantages of synthetic





Handmade by highly qualified professional experts.

We follow a thorough and careful process. Taking care of every detail so that the result is perfect. A material of the highest quality handled with excellence.
  1. The first step is to make a very accurate template of the deck of the boat.
  2. With the template in our workshop we begin to manufacture the parts by heat sealing.
  3. Once the pieces are built, it is time to make the frames that will delimit the different elements of the boat, as well as the spine, if applicable.
  4. With the pieces completely finished, it is time to proceed with the installation. This is done through a meticulous gluing process and subsequent application of weight or air vacuum to guarantee optimal adherence.

PlasDECK synthetic teak can be installed on all types of boats (sailboats, motor boats, RIBs, yachts or superyachts) as well as in swimming pools and other outdoor spaces.

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