BodhiNautic products are manufactured using high quality materials and the best procedures.

An artisan product manufactured by experienced & high skilled craftsmen is the best guarantee of quality and top-class details.



Artisan manufacturing of Hypalon neoprene tubes, total customization and top quality finishes.

The manufacturing process of tubes, despite being mainly handmade, there are phases that can be industrialized to a lesser or greater extent.

In this way, the pattern making and cutting stage is sometimes carried out using CNC machines, on other occasions from patterns specially built for it and in other cases it starts directly from the old float (in this case the old float will be totally useless) .

The sanding process is carried out using machines specially designed for this purpose. Then comes the gluing phase and subsequent construction phase of the float / tubular.

A few days after the glue have already cured, the tube will be inflated and the installation of external seams and accessories will start, being able to begin to combine it with the installation on the rigid hull


Stern / Transom Fenders

Manufacture of solid and inflatable fenders for large boats.

Inflatable fenders are elements designed to protect the main boat from impacts against the dock or bay. Generally constructed with PVC or Polyurethane (PU), however, it is the neoprene ones that give the best performance.

Consult our catalog of defenses.

If you do not find the size you need, do not hesitate to ask us for an estimate of the measurements you need

We design the fenders according the customer requirements and wishes.
Designing them from 0 give us the opportunity to fit any stern shape and fulfill practically all the expectations.

We use hard closed cell foam with high density and top plate made of rubber & baquelite to ensure the best performance under the different working conditions.
Our manufacturing procedures combining the state of the art in technology
together with the craftman procedures ensure the best results

At BodhiNautic we design and manufacture custom hypalon coated solid fenders to meet customer needs.

We also offer fender repair service …

Design, manufacture and installation of logos and license plates in PVC and Hypalon Neoprene

By means of the numerical control (CNC) cutting of fabrics, all kinds of logos and / or license plates can be created that can later be installed on the tube, being able to maintain a totally identical appearance to that of the tubular or, on the contrary, highlight it by means of another combination of colors or textures.

The most widely used technologies are usually water, laser or knife cutting.

One of the main benefits of the use of logos and / or license plates cut by CNC, apart from their elegant appearance, is their high resistance to wear and tear and durability as they are made with the same materials as the float itself.



Design and manufacture of special components according to customer needs.

Thanks to our tools and CAD knowledge we can also design special components fully adapted to the specific needs of the boat and customer.

Components made of stainless steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber… Seats, T-Top awnings, consoles, platforms, other accessories… It doesn’t matter, we will design it and define the best way to manufacture it.



From the old tube we make the pattern of the new Hypalon neoprene material pieces with which the new tube will be manufactured. In this phase we can implement modifications or improvements in the existing patterns.

The next step is to sand all the areas that must later be glued / joined by means of what we call seams (neoprene strips normally 4 or 5 cm wide). Partitions (internal divisions) are also installed.

Once we proceed to close the float (giving it total tightness) it will be time to install the accessories that have been previously defined, and in this way finish configuring the float according to the customer’s wishes. Now only the installation to the rigid hull remains.

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